Minimum quarterly billings are $99.00. Excess water consumption rates are $10.00/1,000 gallons.

The months that meters are read are February, May, August and November.  Invoices are mailed the month following.

A penalty of 1.5%/month on water and sewer accounts in arrears is now in effect.  Penalties will be levied on the first day of each month.

The following is information on the Town of Delisle’s waterworks, as required under The Municipalities Regulations:
2015 Waterworks Financial Overview
Total water & sewer revenue – $264,018
Total water & sewer expenses – $313,957
Total debt payments – $43,766
Comparison of revenues to expenses plus debt payments expressed as a ratio –
$264,018/313,957+43,766 = .73

For 2015, water & sewer revenues covered 73% of water & sewer expenditures.  If the debt payment is taken out of the equation, the percentage is exactly the same as 2014.
The following additional information is available at the Town Office:
-the August 8th/16 waterworks rate policy & capital investment strategy.
– capital plans in place & related sources of funding for the projects.
– 2015 financial overview of the waterworks.
– waterworks reserves.
– at a cost of $30.00, a copy of the 2016 waterworks assessment.

The 2016 Annual Waterworks Information for the Town of Delisle, as required under The Municipalities Regulations, is provided on the following document:

2016 Annual Waterworks Report

The Town of Delisle’s 2014 Water Quality & Compliance report is now available and provided on the link below.

2018 Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Notice

Public Notice
The Council of the Town of Delisle is considering adopting the WaterWolf Growth Management Plan as their District Plan and their Official Community Plan  pursuant to Sections 102 and 36 respectively of the Planning and Development Act, 2007.  Council is also considering adopting a zoning bylaw pursuant to Section 76 of the Planning and Development Act, 2007.   Both plans and the zoning bylaw will be adopted according to the public participation Sections (207 – 212) of the Planning and Development Act, 2007.  For a copy of the WaterWolf Growth Management Plan and all applicable maps please visit  or click on the links below.  The proposed zoning bylaw is also available on the links below.  All documents and maps are also available at cost at the Delisle Town Office during regular business hours.

The purpose of the WaterWolf Growth Management Plan is to enable and guide growth and change throughout the region. Through regional policies it will also reduce land use uncertainty and promote development. The zoning bylaw is the legal and administrative means of implementing the Official Community Plan. It also allows council to establish zoning districts and to develop certain standards within each district. A public hearing will be held at 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at the Delisle Town Office to address comments and concerns regarding the adoption of both plans and the bylaw.  Council will also consider written comments received at the hearing, or delivered to the undersigned at the Delisle Town Office before the hearing.

WaterWolf Growth Management Plan
Town of Delisle Zoning Bylaw
Town of Delisle Zoning Map
Town of Delisle Future Land Use Map
Dated at Delisle, Sask. this 24th day of January, 2013.

Mark Dubkowski
Town of Delisle